Club Sportiv Minigolf Riviera - Timisoara, Romania

Despre Noi
The minigolf Club Riviera was born in 1997 in Timisoara , as one of the main professional mini-golf teams in the country. With a lack of promotion and supporters before 1989, the mini-golf is pretty much the same with adventure golf and crazy golf, as a fancy arm of classical golf game.

Thanks to Mr. Dan Toadere, the president of The Riviera Club – and first of all one of the Europeans mini-golf professionals and lobbyists - the organization in Timisoara owns two professional courses: one for miniature and second for minigolf. The record for miniature course is 20 points/round and for the minigolf course 29 points/round. The courses were build in 1997 and approved in 2003 by the Technical Committee of WMF.

In present, Club Riviera is a fully member of The World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF). The first participation for one of the international competitions was in 1998 in Szolnok , Hungary .

The mini-golf club Riviera is preparing for the Nations Cup and for the European Championship, events hosted by Timisoara, under the supervision of The World Minigolf Sport Federation (WMF).

The Romanian Team:
Toadere Dan
Scarlatescu Ovidiu
Vancea Ciprian
Bochis Bogdan
Mitar Dana
Badiu Liviu
Miza Adrian
Covasinsan Alexandru
Iacob Ion
Savescu Aurel
Voinoni Claudiu
Badiu Geta
Voinoni Diana